Sunday, February 27, 2011

Celebrities are also people

Celebrities are also people, and drinking times one over the eight. Some VIPs overdo it but also - and we mean not just Amy Winehouse!

Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty: The Stars are known for often times too over the eight and then in alcohol intoxication. But it is not always the usual suspects who behave in a drunken stupor next to it. Some of the alcohol makes extremely aggressive, while others are quietly smiling, beer-and wine-loving or lie down right down to nap. Which celebrities have looked too deeply into the glass, you see here in the gallery.

Courtney Love

When Courtney Love actually surprises us any more and so we saw the widow of Kurt Cobain recently in London, as well tipsy leaving a club - apparently with some balance problems.

And not only the balance of Mrs. Love was a mess - even the lady did not remember which car she brings home for now. Because at first she got into the wrong vehicle - as well that they had a monitoring process of the Courtney but then placed into the right car...

Kelly Rowland

Even singer Kelly Rowland has apparently a good party behind him. When leaving the Movida nightclub in London, she laughs initially left out ... but as soon as she sits in the car, the public mood appears to be "let-me-just-sleep-mood" to transform.

Ben Becker

That actor Ben Becker yourself once approved a glass anymore, we already know for some time. So also at the after show party for the premiere of "Lemmy - The Movie" in Berlin and at his side Motorhead-founder and musician Lemmy Kilmister - so celebrated as a real rock star.


Otherwise, this lady makes for elegant dancing on stage - here it comes, however, is less elegant and seems to be a little wobbly on his feet: Singer and actress Beyonce.

The Geldof daughters

The Geldof daughters know how to celebrate properly. And we see not only tipsy Pixie Geldof take to the streets, but also sister Peaches who here is not so firmly on her long legs. Good thing she has support in a friendly, which it is based.

Pamela Anderson

And Pamela Anderson showed once again that they can party hard. After the premiere of the play "Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp" in London, # in which she plays a sexy genie, it has probably taken care of after the show for the bottle ... with the result that the subsequent climb of the car looked a bit bumpy ...

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