Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thus we see - the usually disciplined - Victoria Beckham

Thus we see - the usually disciplined - Victoria Beckham rare: Not at all lady-like she stumbled recently from London's Maze restaurant had to be supported by friend and even Gordon Ramsay's wife Tana. As David's beloved well looked too deep into the glass...

Quite the wind seemed to completely drunk "Posh", when she and Tana Ramsay left the place. Already in her walking and standing were obviously the eyes...
Justify Full
... In the car the "full" Victoria Beckham finally lost control of yourself: you flip to the front, just wanted to sleep on ... Tana friend had to hold her!

Undignified end of an alcohol-rich evening Victoria is completely over, and in practice, when a friend (as here Tana Ramsay) has, to a still holds her head lovingly. One can only hope that Posh is not passed in this position had to...


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