Sunday, February 27, 2011

Blonde but not stupid: Gina-Lisa in IQ test

Sonja Zietlow and Mickey Beisenherz wanted to know: How clever are the Germans? And how smart are especially the celebrities? was part of the team including singer Thomas Anders and super-blonde Gina-Lisa Lohfink ...

Blondes silly or misunderstood genius? Gina-Lisa Lohfink wanted to find out when "The great German IQ test in 2011 by RTL II" and the result? Average. This delighted the ex-candidate GNTM: "I'm blonde, not stupid!" she cried enthusiastically, when it was clear the end result.

The model reached exactly 99 points. attests that her by the psychologist and expert on giftedness Dr. Karin Joder supervised test an exactly average intelligence, defined as a value between 90 and 109 - well after all.

One could expect this is hardly the beginning of the mission. Because at the first example question, the Language, Gina-Lisa showed how intelligent she is:

Which word does not fit into the series?

a) Oak
b) fir
c) Birch
d) Ash

The response of the blonde: "D!" Justification:Birch, fir, oak, and all those trees, and ash ... What is ash? "

Well, Gina-Lisa, just next to it. The correct answer is, of course, "Christmas tree", because everything else is deciduous trees. Even if her was a little embarrassing and they would rather just leave the studio, was Gina-Lisa and Ingenious at the end but still 99 points, which was indeed the last place among the celebrities, but their certified an average intelligence.

The winner is the way, Thomas Anders, who with 123 points to a "well above average intelligence" also brought the results of the other celebrity candidates to be proud of Ingo Appelt, known for its intelligent wordplay, finished with 118 IQ points a respectable second place (110 to 119 points =" above average intelligence "); Isabell Varell and Roberta Bieling were 109 and 108 at the top of the average.

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