Monday, February 7, 2011

Kim Kardashian: Sensual advertising "Super Bowl"

Have you ever been jealous of your partner? Sure, it's normal. Clearly that it’s also without reaching the point of being insanely jealous. Well, maybe if we as a couple to someone like Kim Kardashian our jealousy is multiplied by a considerable amount, especially when she performs work advertising as hot as that will air this weekend during "Super Bowl“.

Those who do not know, Kris Humphries is the current partner of the sensual Kim Kardashian. Although it seems at times unbelievable, is not jealous of notice has recorded Kim Kardashian for the shoe brand "Skechers" which will be broadcast during the broadcast of one of the most important and tuned United States: "Super Bowl“.

Kim said that "he is not jealous at all," is that should already be accustomed to, wherever you go, your girlfriend steal the look of many men. And as for how it has taken Humphries the burning scenes advertisement she told: "I said, 'go and check out my blog'. Then he began to look a preview of commercial he had posted on my blog and then said, 'Are these your own hands on that guy. “He was obviously joking.”

Well, perhaps many are not going to see the advertisement of Kim Kardashian but here I leave a little video, to have an idea of how it is.

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