Sunday, February 6, 2011

Willow Smith told that "What is your favorite song"?

The small Willow Smith been told that his favorite song is one that surely many of you have ever heard. What happens is that this is a song that her father Will Smith he sang back in the distant year of 1988.Justify Full

Have you heard the song "Parents Just Do not Understand” By Will Smith? The truth is I do not, but I think very soon all will listen, but in a more modern version, played this time by his daughter Willow Smith. She loves this song, so thought it would be a good idea to record it. In fact, some time ago said "there's a good chance to do it", so be prepared.

Now the singer, who is still working on what will be his debut album, has explained to the magazine "Teen Vogue" why "Parent's Just Do not Understand"(" Parents just do not understand ") is your favorite song. His response has been strong and sure: "Because sometimes they do not understand!”

Also, small Willow also said that their parents are not strict: "They do not say things like 'Willow, Clean your room. " Instead, they say, 'Willow, you could clean your room, please. “I say 'OK', and I do.”

On the other hand, the daughter of actor Will Smith and Jada Pincket Smith also reveals that his family is pretty normal. "During dinner, we talked about 'How was your day, what did you do? What clothes are you wearing?". Anything that to do with work.

In closing, I leave the video the song Will Smith favorite Willow, “Parents just do not understand“.

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