Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Let's Dance: Nazan Eckes over to Sylvie van der Vaart!

In the final season of Let's Dance, we could still Sylive van Vaart as a dancer on the floor and now they can see the presenter the succession of Nazan Eckes than compete. Why hostile or friendly takeover? "Let's Fetz" The Pottschalk would guess, for what's happening behind the scenes, he do not know. Of course, women in their officially Eckes RTL statement is very peaceful:

"I have" Let's Dance "three years of presenting; it was a good time, but now available to new projects. I'm going to my job in the news section on new projects in shows on RTL focus next. "

But first, one would certainly not a bitchy statement published RTL and secondly Nazan Eckes is so professional that they are not internal to the outside who would trouble you. After all, they will give us a new show in prime time soon, and surprise is not necessarily a comfort, but may as well be a reason for their withdrawal "Let's Dance" to be with.

Moderators of this exchange offer in any case sufficient material for the wildest conspiracy theories Zicken-and I'm curious, what tabloid newspaper this week as the first, entitled "Sylvie vs. Nazan - EBIT Terter War of the RTL-Women 'opens. "One of the other has taken the job" - It's time the dream of every story Klatschkoluminsten.

Why was not simply replaced by Daniel Hartwich against Sylvie van der Vaart? Probably that because the audience would simply overwhelmed with two pretty women, and finally this show needs to have some "clown". Let's see how time Daniel Hartwich and Sylvie Vaart van just as moderators of the duo harmonize, as in "The Super Talent", the two met each other already desofteren and I am also in so many little quip from Daniel to remember over Sylvie. So it could be really exciting...

PS The new candidates are not fixed yet, but maybe even someone from the "jungle camp" here...

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