Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Natalia "Kills" not determined Lady Gaga, for "Mirrors" reflects individuality not resist!

Not Another "Lady Gaga" clone thought the Pottschalk when he "Natalie Kills" in the Itunes charts discovered. The song "Mirrors" could just as Lady Gaga obtained from and the 24 year old British woman seems otherwise the style of the current "pop phenomenon" to copy. With such a "copy-crap" I would like to discuss at all, but then I do have a little bit closer look closely. Whether that has ever been worth, learn it in the conclusion (A little tip for "Row-Wings" and "not happy reader").

Natalia Kills has, according to her vita actually much more on the box when you reference "to trust like mirrors" and it was even as a performer for several British series on the air. 3 years ago was the real name Natalia Cappuccino hot end with a recording contract with "Inters cope" and is thus also happens to be on the same label as Lady Gaga landed yet. If you want to breed now have competition in their home? A strategy because in the near future we will still experience some GaGa Doubles and so they just cover the entire market.

What has he kills Natalia now so everything on the box? In any case, it has creative potential and succeeded in 2008 even without No. 1 on the British My Space artist recording contract. That was probably reason enough to offer her a contract and if they had been pushed even then, it would not come as today therefore unnecessary Gaga clone. The song is really cool production completely, but the interpreter "Natalia Kills" reflects that individuality does not resist. Could Mirrors "by Beatrice Smiles" or "Susie sucks" originate "and would still end up in the charts ...

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