Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar 2011: Best Actor and Best Film

Today is the night and the nights I'll sleep most likely when the Oscars in 2011 be awarded, would make the pot Chalk on this already a short time Prognoses. For that I will get up tomorrow morning but especially to you about the Oscar - Taken and to inform the most spectacular performances on the red carpet. Wishes and reality are far apart and so therefore I usually differ between prognosis and "wish-winner."

Best Actor - Forecast: Colin Firth Request: James Franco
Best Actress - Forecast: Natalie Portman request: Natalie Portman
Best Film - Prognosis: True Grit request: Inception

James Franco together this year with moderate Anne Hathaway at the Oscars and has proven not only his great talent in 127 Hours. The man, the actor and his film have totally convinced me. Nevertheless, I suspect it is excellent Colin Firth for his role in "The King's speech" because such a historic drama simply more "glamorous" sprayed.

For Natalie Portman I am happy now, because it is the Oscar for her starring role in “Black Swan "win at all costs. Inception for me was the coolest movie of last and still years I think the “True Gri t "make the race, because Americans love their normal Western.

For my prognosis and wishes I was only limited to three categories, as it hereby been invited to participate in the exciting speculation. These categories can really tell everyone quickly and easily something. Not only the pot but Schalk, so Oscar-oracle "Heidi opossum have shown us, more or less qualified. So that you know who is actually nominated, can be found here again the official list of 2011 Oscar contenders now I wish you much fun and want to predict.

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