Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar 2011: Questionable! Are these the fiest Fummel from the red carpet?

That is why I'm asking only whether the fiest Fummel the Oscar ceremony and claims are not easy: "They look awful and it's true." Even with the beautiful view from my clothes, it was nice to keep the pot Schalk hard already and now finally the time has come to once again a little creative to blaspheme.

Let's start with Melissa Leo for her supporting role in "The Fighter" with an Oscar award. For this Kostumchen I would not give this award, unless it becomes effective as an "Elvis look-a-like" contest. The King lives some where between the laces sewn together ceilings!

Cate Blanchett I love you! You are a great woman, but this dress reminds me then but more of a grandfather clock from "Alice in Wonderland. For the courage they must be praised and some fashion experts are guaranteed to make her also a perfect style, but the Pottschalk can only bark at such an outfit. Woof, Woof, not WOW!

Gwyneth Paltrow: "Attention, attention, the Abba Museum of BadTasta called, they want their exhibit back immediately

Mila Kunis, I like you! But something is haunting in this dress and Dekolette I somehow cut too far.

Cody Horn Sorry, I do not know you, but you are another example of an extremely bad "cut".

Ohmm Scarlett Johansson? Yes because the Pottschalk times I watch at least as stupid from washing ...

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