Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rihanna upset about censorship 'S & M' on the

Rihanna is very upset by the censorship of his song "S & M" on the radio, the truth is that it has reason to be, it is not enough restriction on you tube, also forbidden on radio and this has made Rihanna remain very upset.

What happens is that the BBC has changed the name to the song "S and M"With" Come On ", has also eliminated the words "Sex", "strings" and "whip” Only thus can be heard on the radio. Rihanna said through his Twitter account: "just kidding??’S & M' called 'Come On' now? That's BS (bullshit)! ".

Then they asked if she was satisfied with the new name of the song, she replied: "Absolutely NO ". Do we understand it not, do not think you will agree with what they are doing with their song, anyone would be upset if they make those changes.

The radio says: "During daylight hours, as younger audiences are listening, we are putting the radio edit is called 'Come On'," "This is due to the strong nature of the contents of the original version of the song. However we will continue playing the original track in specialized shows with a proper introduction.

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