Saturday, March 19, 2011

American Idol Winner 2011 - The great Norman Long conspiracy!

There can be only one and if you look at the American Idol winner flopped in the last 7 seasons look, you can probably imagine what threatens us in this year. The slogans have never been as free as this season and after Apres Ski Hits and Party Kracher is like the pot Schalk like scales from their eyes. One would probably Norman Langen American Idol winner in 2011 and produce the most coal can probably do on.

Dieter Bohlen is not only since his collaboration with Andrea Berg in the hit fever. The simpler and more insignificant music and more successful dieter as a producer Mark Medlock, Modern Talking - Cherry Mamacita - Take it easy! Unfortunately! In the pop business to international competition, so it’s also big and so good that you're in a really difficult especially in the genre.

Only the German Schlager makes us what no one before! Since we are top and I could not imagine how even Lady Gaga soon: "I build you a castle in the clouds that lies" (Warning extra translation elected plumped ...) Schlager, Schlager, as German artists actually sell more albums. So it pays more "marketing" and there's even become something like a hit-guarantee ". Take an old classic, put it in a clumsy bass line, sing-along slogans packed in and ready is the new hit.

This so-called party has hit Long in the last theme shows and when he sang Norman "Hey Baby" by DJ Otzi sings today, then we are sad at the musical climax arrived. "D ieter Bohlen s lamp d s new S chlagerstar" - that American Idol is the unofficial motto and sole Sebastian Wurth him since 2011 could perhaps make a dash through the bill.

This is not my musical taste, but the impression I have received so far: "Pop-vs. Teen-Star or smooth ironed Wolfgang Petry vs. cloned Justin Bieber. Somehow bad for the other candidate like Sarah Engels, Zazou Mall, Ardian Bujupi, Pietro Lombardi and Marco Angelini, for visually and vocally they give really good "pop stars" from ...

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