Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cannibalization of the American Idol contestants! Richel Nina or Anna Carina Woitschack!

Anyone who has eaten soon whom? The catfight girls of American Idol are not yet over. Although the Pottschalk always believed in the goodness of people and so also, it considered that the candidates to today's theme show again tolerated, fronts have hardened the total. Already cut since the days Richel Nina and Anna Carina Woitschack the worst insults to the ears. "Antisocial" is already there rather to the more benign terms.

Now mix with the parents and even worse, it may actually be no more. To the individual allegations, I want to do without at this point, because this is really me too much, "kindergarten". Whether the know at all why they are arguing about now? It was a dirty bathroom and a supposedly sloppy Anna Carina Woitschack.

While Zazou Mall now cleverly staying in the background to zoff Richel Nina and Anna Carina Woitschack still what keeps the stuff. As weapons they have chosen the media and they have had within the last few days amazing media coverage. What exactly is going on with the boys asks the Pottschalk?

Of which we hear nothing, and so still dominates the perpetual cat fight between Nina and Anna Carina Woitschack Richel. So that both do not like girls, because this dispute they eat each other's quasi-public light on image. The mutual cannibalization of the American Idol - contestants! It seems almost certain that today evening definitely a girl has to leave the theme show.

Nina and Anna Carina can only hope for the failure of their colleague "Zazou Mall" because the "must" sing tonight already damn bad, the negative PR from these American Idol contestants competing to outshine. The laughing third are in this case, the American Idol guys, because with them one evening, apart from appearance, only the performance...

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