Saturday, March 5, 2011

Daniel Katz: So you stand a petticoat damn good!

It still goes on for Daniel Katz! In the sweet petticoat she settled at the Berlin premiere of musical "Grease" look and later was allowed to admire them even on stage. The cat had a little guest appearance as a strict teacher Miss Lynch.

A chamber plays with cats whining? Although she actually can sing, her appearance was limited to a few sentences. Real shame, but at least we were allowed Katzenberger so times in Petticoat experience Daniela. The 50s are you really pretty darn good say the Pottschalk.

With this style, they should experiment more times and wait times otherwise I look forward to the 22 March, because then finally start the new episodes of "Legally Blonde". There will then be determined and the two minutes of her guest appearance on "Grease" look. In such a short time may actually not much to go wrong and, according to celebrity Flash is said to have mastered her performance is passable...

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