Saturday, March 5, 2011

Holly Madison: No cares have cellulite

Many of you must know the former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner, Holly Madison and probably always remember her beauty and a body capable of stealing more than anyone's attention. However, the former Playboy knows that his body is not perfect, but there is no trouble for it.

Almost always I listen to a lot of girls complain about their bodies. "I'm really skinny," "I'm too fat", "I do not have this right," and a long list of phrases that you also probably have heard or said at least once in their lives. I really do not know why give so much importance to this issue.

In my opinion, is well you take care and try to be healthy, but the physical is not everything.

If they are good people and they know to win the affection of others, need not be less vigilant about how they look physically, is not it?In the case of Holly Madison, for example, I see very well. The best part is that she feels very comfortable with herself without cares have cellulite. It is true that your body is like a girl either, but for her, being constantly exposed to the media, however small and insignificant that they are the marks of cellulite and should be a big problem. However, Holly does not take it well.

"I'd rather be overweight and curves, to be super-thin and without them. I am proud of my body. Yes, I have cellulite. I had even when I was quite thin. I'll never stop having cellulite.

People need to accept that it is there, present, and perhaps wear a dress or makeup appropriate body to deal with it, "said Holly to Life and Style magazine in an interview and also dared to pose for them without retouching or Photoshop support in a sexy pink bikini and eating a cupcake.

You know girls; do not worry so much about their weight, not by how they look, because nobody is perfect.

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  1. I have a fair bit of cellulite but this is the happiest I've ever been with my body