Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lady GaGa and 10 year old girl singing "Born this way"

Remember that a while ago they had about a Canadian girl who had done a cover of the song "Born this way“And had stolen the heart of Lady GaGa? Well, Maria Aragon (Name of girl, 10 years) received one of the greatest gifts of his life: Singing a duet with Lady GaGa in one of his concerts.

The tenderness that makes children feel is one of the most beautiful things can happen to us. Therefore, Lady GaGa wanted to reward him somehow made by one of his fans young and talented, that is, the child Maria Aragon, Who was recorded doing a cover of "Born this way “And he won the hearts of not only Gaga But of all.

Yesterday, at a concert Lady GaGa offered in Toronto, Canada, the singer invited on stage Maria Aragon to sing and play together the song "Born this way” In its piano version. The girl must have felt very happy to have that opportunity, and this is reflected in the big hug that came at the beginning. Good thing Lady GaGa does these things; reveal that as she has a great role model, because satisfying the desire of a child must be a goal of all.

Here is the video of "Born this way” By Lady GaGa and Maria Aragon.

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