Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Charlie Sheen says he smokes

A true gentleman, then?! Na would then not smoke but in the presence of a lady. Charlie, Charlie, Charlie! The last few days chasing a headline the next, and so we hear the one hand that he wants to write for at least 10 million dollars a tell-all book and now we read that he was "Two and a Half Men" will have a chance. However, he calls for a bonus of $ 20 million for "vocals" and with this money he would pay for the loss of earnings, his production colleagues. The Good Charlie Sheen! I think so he has a heart of gold somewhere, but unfortunately is not the egomaniac in his world to light.

The rumor of his own show would happily deny and it is really hard right now Mr. Sheen judge at all, I am glad that he has given an interview with ABC. Charlie Sheen has left the impression Potts-chalk What? Unfortunately, not really "aware" and I would trust him in principle, almost everything.

A little tip for watching: While the video is running you can with the "right button down" position of stamp size to full screen:

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