Monday, March 7, 2011

Emma Roberts and Dave Franco Are partners

American actress Emma Roberts, Twenty years, has-been featured in recent days, of Rumors HAVING Begun romance to actor Dave Franco, 25. However, she was such responsible for denying information.

The magazine "U.S. Weekly" A Few days ago released rumor claiming that the sympathetic actress Emma Roberts and Dave Franco Had romance, And the truth, I Did not believe much.

Then, the actress herself in "Scream 4" went on to say what the magazine Said That Was Not above That true and the only thing That UNITeS Dave Franco is a beautiful friendship.

"We became good friends after recording a video Music, But We're not dating. We are leaving, According To What He says' U.S. Weekly ', so We Are a' pseudo- Couples '"The actress Told" E! It’s Online in a recent interview.

Now, for Those Who Do Not Know What video speech Emma Roberts, I Tell Them That recently she and Dave Franco starred in the clip for the song "Go Outside" Duo "Cult's". If They Have Not Seen, I leave here.

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