Thursday, March 10, 2011

The great life of Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas and his great life: shopping, sports car, partying and Bart!

Are there really still the Jonas Brothers? Of course! Joe, Nick and Kevin, it's dazzling in any case, but what is the "band" abnegate the Pottschalk not so clear. Musically, I've long not heard of them, but that may be just my subjective impression.

In fairness, I must say that I've never bothered me with their music so real. Nick tries probably stilling on his solo career, Kevin and Joe Jonas is now husband enjoys life to the fullest.

As the male looks like now! I'm Not a beard fan, but his facial hair is very good. Is actually still with Ashley Greene? In the last few days was certainly more often alone on the runway, but perhaps lacking the two is precisely the time for togetherness. Joe Jonas certainly seems to have much free time.

He inclined to shop around smoke until the credit card...

Cruising and relaxing with his Aston Martin through Beverly Hills!

His co-driver is his constant companion and either way, his bodyguard and his best buddy.

It probably makes it to the latter, because in this "post-party photo" it seems to him but to go a little too well...

And the day after the boys meets for the hangover...

Pleasing cup of coffee? Very nice, no little finger splayed, that he has passed the Gay ten to the delight of female fans!

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