Friday, March 11, 2011

Lindsay Lohan in court: Should they go to jail?

Does Lindsay Lohan is already in jail? Thanks to a live broadcast you can be there first hand when the proclaimed highly anticipated court ruling. It's still about the so-called "chains" drama. Will Lindsay Lohan continue to plead innocent or guilty profess and what will the judge respond? All we will know in a few moments. If convicted, she goes directly to jail and even a confession she could not keep it. If she has committed the theft and it can be clearly demonstrated, it would threaten probably 11 months behind Swedish curtains.

Somehow hopes Pottschalk really she is innocent, because the whole drama is really getting on my spirit and glee in the fall "Lohan" has been used up long ago. Last Lindsay has really made a prudent idea. Perhaps this was also just for show? Then they would have to be a good actress and I can somehow imagine not true. The main thing there is finally a clear right decision! If the date I no longer "online" should be, I very much hope to read your comments.

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