Friday, March 11, 2011

Selena Gomez getting her Kimono

ear Selena Gomez has been visiting Japan last month, it seems that he spent a great time and thoroughly enjoyed his stay in the country, something that would not stop doing it while wearing a kimono, Did, and now shows the video test, in addition to the photo.

Selena Gomez has posted a video on his Youtube account, as he put the Kimono pink bears, before the hair and then went on to be the cutest Kimono She says in the description of his video: "I had the opportunity to prove in a kimono when I was in Japan. It is so beautiful and I loved the experience. “Meanwhile, the photo you posted on his Facebook says: "My last day in Japan was amazing! I know some fans and Mom and I got Kimonos”

The kimono looks very nice, hopefully you can try one some day, I love them and I look forward to having one, although it would be a little funny and difficult to put on, so it seems watching video.

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