Friday, March 11, 2011

Justin Bieber could be arrested in Liverpool

Can you imagine, ladies, see her beloved and idolized Justin Bieber in handcuffs, escorted by the police? Well, that situation could become real Liverpool, England, a city where the singer is currently due to her "Never Say Never."

It is true that Justin Bieber already attended a similar event, although it was in fiction, when he was in the series "CSI" playing the role of Jason McCan, but now arrest of Justin could be real in the land of Britain, as their presence in the city of Liverpool has caused a "potentially hazardous situation riot” Local police said, and have warned the singer and his team that if any of them are overlooking one of the balconies of the hotel where he is staying, no doubt would arrest For causing riot in public.

Because of this situation, Justin Bieber has had to cancel the plans he had planned in this symbolic city for music Because as we all know, is the land of the Beatles, and the singer of "Baby" did not want to lose the opportunity to make a historical journey through the places where the legendary band of Liverpool had its beginnings.

Here is the video of fanatical Justin Bieber in Liverpool. Are reportedly about 500 people who are on the exterior of the hotel, and there are only 25 police officers to contain them. In addition, some of the characters in the streets nearby had to be closed.

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