Friday, March 11, 2011

Rihanna refuses to "The Bodyguard"

Remember that a few days ago had told them that perhaps the singer Rihanna would be the main protagonist remake of the film “The Bodyguard? Well, those who were excited to hear Rihanna singing "I will always love you” will have to get rid of that idea.

I was one of those who had higher expectations of the possible role of Rihanna in the new version of the movie "The Bodyguard” Which was a hit in the first part of the early 90's, when Whitney Houston amazed everyone in his debut as an actress, especially after singing the famous and romantic song" I Will Always Love You " that certainly was able to wring a few tears, at least those who have seen the film.

However, Rihanna has said he is not interested in playing this remake of "The Bodyguard” Because what she claimed in the action is far from just playing the role of a singer, and that's something you do every day to be her. "I want to separate the two. I hate when singers make movies songs all the time, because you never can see how someone else. I want to play a character. My whole life I've been playing Rihanna and to do the role of a singer in a film is not an effort for me. I like challenges, to be an actress playing a character, be able to get in the shoes of another person, that's what's exciting. "

A pity Rihanna has rejected does "The Bodyguard" but I think that is right with the reasons explained above. By the way, those who want to see Rihanna in a movie, but not "The Bodyguard” I remind you that it will participate in the film" Battleship ", which opens in 2012.

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