Friday, March 4, 2011

Joan Collins: Who wants to suffer, it must be quite "pretty" stupid!

Our Beast Dynasty Joan Collins wanted to after-show party for the Oscars again proves to the up and squeezed it into a mega-extra-tight dress. One, two, three, hold your breath and clean! What does not fit make it fit and if the dress does not fit, then leaves me in doubt, stop sewing.

Whether that was the case with Joan Collins is not known, but in any case, her dress was so tight that it impairs breathing has its problems and dardurch get added circulation it. Who can endure more? What is the dress or the carrier? In the end, the dress won, and so was Joan Collins still the Vanity Fair Oscar party by the emergency medical vehicle picked up on.

"Hold your Air together - air a halting thingy in-English"

The price of beauty and stupidity: A hospital-stay! Meanwhile, they have been discharged and in the future but our Joan look hopefully clothes that fit her well. Who wants to be beautiful must suffer? The sentiment does not please me more, and here at least is true: "He who suffers for the beauty must be quite stupid" a lot better...

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