Friday, March 4, 2011

Selena Gomez in a panic - Justin Bieber running like crazy?

Justin Caution! Have you not seen the stop sign since the beginning? Please does not drive so fast, but rather more cautious? Speaks the panic in the eyes hidden by Selena Gomez or is it only flashes the paparazzi, they hide here? Justin Bieber sees any case totally annoyed, and in this state is much more difficult to transport to focus on.

Actually, the world's most successful boy only wanted to spend an evening with his girlfriend. But the two teenage stars can no meter go in public without which they are pursued by the paparazzi and so I can him the "middle finger" to forgive, he has demonstrated his pursuers. Let the children play but even at rest or driving! The next day Justin Bieber has indeed apologized for his outburst, but I think that in that case, the paparazzi should apologize more.

Why? Look at times of siege as the types and the car is clamoring for another one: "Ouch is run over my foot ..." just play a little fairer Colleagues said the pot Schalk! Although I am looking forward to new pictures of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, but such sieges I find a bit too hard. Probably looks Selena also so scared, because she's afraid someone might approach the Justin...


  1. thats flipping mean people he only asked for 1 evening with selena and u took that of him man love u justin

  2. As much as ur right its the price u pay 2 be rich and have tons of fans while being in a relationship