Friday, March 4, 2011

Rumer Willis: Stay away from the perm!

Rumer Willis, Rumer Willis is currently at the Cologne carnival on the road? This could at least explain to their current look. The hair we see in it not for the first time, but yet you want straight hair better.

Somehow she looks like a bad copy of Scarlett Johansson, and as humorous disguise I would forgive her smooth again. But Rumer Willis is thousands of miles from the Rhine metropolis Carnival away and so she settled with her strange cloak, curtain, or what-even-to a boutique opening in Beverly Hills look forever.

Maybe she has also hoped that their ham hosts some clothes out of pity. A clever strategy! Not to attract well-dressed and then other can. For the duration of the wave is not a declaration and in the future they should let this hair-styling put your fingers, because that just looks funny.

The Pottschalk reminds a little of the wigs from the "Rococo" and therefore available for this "carnival-independent 'first appearance a big" Oh No "....

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