Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lady Gaga is suing "Baby Gaga: The Pop Domination does not like ice cream from breast milk!

One can argue about taste every now and again, even if sometimes I say the opposite. This is just "fall-dependent" and is based on subjective assessment. Lady Gaga sees her current outfit really looks like a dominatrix and that is very special in this case even a compliment. Right nasty tongues would denigrate them directly from "curb-swallow". Ne, ne, ga, ga! Even at second glance I saw her in these clothes do not recognize real. Perhaps we should not take seriously their clothes, but on the other hand, Lady Gaga wants so as a serious artist also apply.

Some things gaga woman can also understand no fun! An ice cream maker from selling it’s variety of cool especially unusual delicacy. Instead Kuhmilich there are breast milk and the production of some understandable disgust. This strain fits perfectly with this turn Lady Gaga, because like dissolves like reactions of times.

Meat clothes, blood-smeared stage choreography and an alleged perfume from blood and semen. So if that's not disgusting, then do not know either. The "milk" - the way ice is not the name of "Lady Gaga", but "Baby Gaga". For the geburtuge Stefani Germanotta is already reason to complain enough and keeps the pot then Schalk already plenty of exaggeration. Gaga Gugu, Bahh - will soon have all the babies in the world fear for their first vocabulary?

"Gaga"! - That will be $ 1,000! Wuohhh. ... Okay this is again free of charge, because there is still no lady Wuahhhhh, the success and seemingly much too seriously. Switching times a walk down the pot says Schalk! Had Lady Gaga not made such an Aurib because the mother's milk ice cream called "Baby Gaga", then I would have found this not to be related to me her name.

Oh, I just remembered something. Lady Gaga has not a little sister who "Baby Gaga" calls? This nickname has given the press it well and fortunately Germanotta keeps this woman having a back seat to...

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