Tuesday, March 8, 2011

American Idol Richel Nina - I'm not a celebrity get me out of here!

Exactly! Nina Richel is just a little star like the other American Idol candidate and with 17 years still a teenager. The American Idol makes no stars are known, but the show makes someone so ready that he has several times zusammenrbicht already ill.

How much of it is now been acting or real, I do not like to discuss. So a cat fight-situation, not only to public pressure to bear is definitely not easy. The father of Nina Richel has in the night from Saturday to Sunday, made the only right thing and daughter at 1.20 clocks in the DSDS-Villa got his home and taken to. From parental point of view totally understandable - Bravo Papa!

Whether it was his daughter with American Idol irresponsible to register? With such a drama but no one and even not even the Pottschalk had expected. Here comes one but almost the jungle camp again and the "Z-celebrities" were able to estimate because of their careers at least half what they are doing. With it's also a damn whether now Richel Nina or Anna Carina Woitschack bitch is the greater. In any case, Richel Nina suffers from this situation the most and at least shows that it is much more sensitive.

Pisses me off this cool-mighty attitude of Anna Carina in total and so unprofessional and subjective, which now may sound, I was the puppeteer from the beginning, somehow unappealing.

As a gentleman, I have so far distinguished held back because I did not know whether the antipathy stems Perhaps that is because it is one of the "planks" favorites. Actually I wanted to take any party, but now I've done it anyway. Woitschack Carina Anna and Nina Richel, both very good zicken! Nevertheless, my Nina is appealing because it is not so callous to come off.

Of course, they also tried to mimic the strong girl, but she is also only 17 and Woitschack woman with her 18 years of life a decisive advantage, because a year is doing at that age still a lot. What I'm saying? If two should dare argue yes actually the wiser and yield in the case of the "experienced" and the first step... PS Whether Nina Richel American Idol leaves completely or continue doing is to date not yet known!

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