Monday, March 7, 2011

Cyndi Lauper in the airport chaos! Disengaging or have fun?

If nothing is running again, sitting at the airport and a flight to be canceled is the other, one would not just as a mortal freak really. Celebrities are just so used to having everything dances to her nose and mutate in such moments, the men and women feel free to surf to mega-divas!

But Cyndi Lauper is not only because of flight cancellations at the proverbial bottom, but this siJustify Fulltuation may gain even be something funny. The microphone of an information blares over time they leave their biggest hit from the speakers, "Girls just want to have fun!"

If this is not a cool action again, then I do not know it. One might almost think already that this is a viral video advertising, but one or other Schokokoriegel One looks in vain. Life sometimes just writes it the best stories and, Cyndi Lauper I really prefer my hat!

There is really nothing more annoying than being stuck at the airport and it really reflects a respective social character, if in this situation can still muster so much humor:

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