Monday, March 7, 2011

Beyonce does not like guys with strong perfumes

Some guys abuse the perfume or aftershave, get annoyed or both ends with its smell bothering the person next to him, I do not think many girls like it when guys get as strong perfumes until you get dizzy, to Beyonce does not like.

"A man should never be too authoritarian with their scent. I've been in many elevators also with too many men with a strong aftershave and it's disgusting, "said Beyonce Cosmopolitan.

Something that I disagree is when he says that should give you desire to want to smell more: "For mean scent should be subtle, clean and fresh, and just feel like bending over to smell. That's sexy, "the beautiful singer.

As for his own range of perfumes, Beyonce says: "One of the most important aspects of my perfume is that they get their stamp of approval, "he said.”When you use a perfume you want your man wants. “Also admitted that Jay-Z loves the smell, "I love my smell, because he was part of the decision making process. I would not put a perfume if you like.

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