Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lily Allen: "I used to vomit after eating"

Are you a fan of British singer Lily Allen, Sure you know that she had to go through hard times a while ago, as the loss of her baby due to a abortion involuntary (the second in his life), and also a related illness power.

Everything that had happened to Lily Allen known, but not from his own words, but what is seeping into the media or through friends or people close to the singer.

However, now she gives the very details of what happened and suffered during that long drive that went through.

"I used to vomit after eating. That's not something that makes me feel proud. But I tell you one thing, a lot of people approached me and told me how good it looked and would be on the cover of every magazine

... but I was not happy, really, it was not ... I'd be the person more thin the world, but I can not do that without being unhappy, because I like to eat "was what he said Allen in a British documentary "Rags to Riches" (From riches to rags, in Spanish), which highlights his life from March 2010 until August of that year.

Perhaps because of that eating disorder, Lily Allen had his second abortion involuntary, when in November last year, after announcing she was pregnant about three months ago, the news cocnocio this horrible act.

I hope things change for this talented but very troubled singer.

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