Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lindsay Lohan upset with Miley Cyrus imitation

Remember I told you that Miley Cyrus would be the host of the comedy "Saturday Night Live" last weekend? It is apparent that participation in the show mentioned, made a couple of sketch in which fun of Lindsay Lohan, which has sparked discomfort of the actress.

No one was expecting I think, Miley Cyrus were to be many people in one day. So surprised to see it and last Saturday on "SNL" transformed into nothing less than Justin Bieber and actress problems Lindsay Lohan.

But imitation of the latter that has caused the biggest stir since Lindsay, After the program aired, sent a letter to the makers of the show, for having "mocked” It, and has been experiencing problems lately, although she previously had been part of that program, and saw his team as his friends.

What did him Miley? What happens is that maybe you were able to spend a little too far, but we must accept jokes Therefore Lindsay. Miley Cyrus, in his opening monologue, sang a comic version of the song "I Never", referring to the theft of the necklace which he is charged Lohan, among other things, you probably know very well conclude.

"I never stole a necklace and I got a DUI (a penalty for driving under the influence of alcohol) ... I never cheated on my wife as he did that golfer ... so what if you can see a little nipple on one side ... sorry, no I'm perfect. "

Then, in another sketch, which is also parodied Charlie Sheen, Miley appeared imitating to Lindsay and said: "My new film 'Herbie' came out 68 months, and the Courthouse in Los Angeles has just given me my own parking space. Winner! Duh! "

As you may have read, it was not something so serious. Maybe Lindsay you have to have a little more sense of humor.

For those who missed the imitation did Miley of Lindsay, Here are a video:

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