Sunday, March 6, 2011

Miley Cyrus wants Hannah Montana again!

Miley Cyrus (18) has only just recently announced that their film career farewell to want, but so very happy it seems with this decision is not to be. For now, they said in the TV show with Jimmy Fallon (36) that her role as Hannah Montana totally missing.

"I miss Hannah Montana so much! I've always loved acting and there to write sketches. Sometimes I want to somehow beg to me a while back to take, "the singer said wistfully.

A return of Hannah Montana would certainly make many fans happy, but Miley is shown again tomorrow on U.S. television, as they will host the show "Saturday Night Live."

Completely out of the television landscape will vanish as an actress not feel well and who knows, maybe she returns were yet again back as Hannah!

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