Saturday, March 5, 2011

Miley Cyrus with a mustache - Photo

Some time ago, Justin Bieber had created a stir when he appeared with mustache for the first time. Than did the same a couple of times although without the same impact, because obviously everyone knew it was false. However, it seems it is fashionable to have mustache, not only among men.

Miley Cyrus was yesterday, as I mentioned a moment ago, the program of Jimmy Fallon as part of promoting his appearance tomorrow in sketches comedy program "Saturday Night Live." The interview with him was full of funny moments like this that I'll tell you below.

Do you know that Miley Cyrus was fascinated whiskers? I did not know and had not even imagined, but she has confessed that yes it has a strange fixation with this, and also dared to wear a mustache program for the cameras.

"I have a mustache diamond with me all the time. I collect all kinds of things that have whiskers Such as pins, mugs, and people, "said Miley. Then if anyone wants Miley collectibles, for nothing else let you grow mustache, Take a picture with him and send it. It can be, right?

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