Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rebecca Black: A victim of bullying on the Internet?

Surely by now, many of you know who Rebecca Black. If you do not know yet is because you may have distracted some of the latest developments in social networks and the Internet in general, have Rebecca as one of its main protagonists, although this has not meant necessarily for her, something very good.

I must admit that I am a person distracted, so just a few minutes ago I found out who he was Rebecca Black. What happened was I started to read much of it in different ways and I ended up calling attention.

Finally, for those still missing are a bit like me, with respect to Rebecca, I tell them that is the latest sensation in social networks, thanks to video of his song "Friday” Posted on You Tube recently.

Thanks to this video, Rebecca Black became very famous and everybody started talking about it. Even managed to get Charlie Sheen of the topics that are discussed in Twitter, and she became number one. That, no doubt, be pleased to any mortal, but, of course, once you attack, whether by Internet, you feel bad.

Is that not everyone looks like "Friday” Song Rebecca, Has been a success, but quite the opposite. For example, Yahoo has been named the worst song in history, while another site called it "disastrous."

Given these negative opinions, among others, Rebecca has said that he is the victim of a sort of bullying virtual. "All those hurtful comments strike me. Sometimes I feel like I am a victim 'cyberbullying'"Said the singer in her first interview.

He also noted that when they criticize his song, saying it makes no sense and it's vain, are not getting from her, because "I did not write any.’Friday'Is about going out with friends, have fun. I felt that my personality is reflected in this song. "

Well, here are the video "Friday” If you have not yet seen. Then you'll see if they like it or not.

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