Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rihanna duet with Eminem nervous

All have already heard the song "Love the Way You Lie", I am not a fan of Eminem or Rihanna but this subject I liked, I think they did great. Rihanna said he was really nervous when he knew that would play the next track Eminem.

Rihanna was talking to Chelsea Handler about the collaboration with Eminem to Love the Way You Lie:"He called me and I was completely ecstatic because Eminem I wanted to do asong with me ","(But) I was very nervous. I am a big fan and then see before me.

There are so many things to blow up your mind to see someone with so many thoughts and emotions "," I just want to know what thoughts go through your mind, "said the beautiful singer.

In addition, Rihanna I also talk about your party Birthday” It is assumed that only invite 250 people and 600 people showed up, but we let everybody. It was a night of fun. "

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