Friday, March 11, 2011

Michael Jackson: Video for "Hollywood Tonight"

As noted when an artist has marked a milestone in the entertainment industry. I do not think many people are able to generate what Michael Jackson Even after his death, continues to generate. This time, I will show video for her song "Hollywood Tonight", Played by fans.

The idol of idols, Michael Jackson, Is again present among us through his music. To its fans, Michael never ceased to exist. Proof of this is that video the topic "Hollywood Tonight" which proves once again that Jack remains valid.

It is true that in the Michael video only appears at moments, but there is no doubt that her fans have made the images "Hollywood Tonight" a great piece of collection. The video focuses on the story of a dancer trying to break into Hollywood, and the images you see, is going to realize that the girl is very talented.

A few more notes before letting them enjoy the video the song was written by Michael Jackson while preparing the material for his album "Invincible" was released in 2001. However, this version played music video, was recorded in 2007. "Hollywood Tonight" is part of the list of songs from his posthumous album "Michael" published last year.

How would his fans: Michael alive.

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