Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Clean the morgue Lindsay Lohan

A few days ago I Told the actress Lindsay Lohan WAS Sentenced to 4 months in prison, and to complete UN certain number of hours of community service. They Had Anticipated will have to spend 120 days working in the morgue. Surely at Work that will leave dead at the end of the day.

I DO NOT know if I have a fear of dead. That is, Some times I have felt some fear, But Never Both. However, work or spend so much time around They Did not thinks it's something I end up liking it. So Every Time I Think People Who work in a morgue, I think Usually That Is Something They Are passionate. It May sound crazy, But that's what I think. Now, I Doubt That Lindsay Lohan to Be a passionate dead.

Poor Lindsay Although Some time ago and Had to Perform community service in a morgue Now you will Need to do, Because Their Case for violating the Terms of historical probation, Said So.

Work Lohan in morgue Not Be bound to pick up or carry teddies to and fro, happily for her, But You Only Have to keep the premises clean. "She will be doing basic cleaning work (picking up litter, emptying rubbish bins, mopping floors, cleaning windows and bathrooms). She will be charged and Stock Not Dead but Certainly we will see "Is what you said Ed Winter, the Assistant Chief morgue Los Angeles, where, Lindsay start working.

Anyway, I would never work on a morgue but on reflection, Can Be a good place to scare Other People. The jokes Are There slay them all.

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