Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why was suspended from school?

I think all of us have committed at least once antics at school, is not it? This is normal, but the trouble comes when the mischief is discovered and we are suspended. And that's not something that has happened only to us but also celebrities, including actor Robert Pattinson.

What could have been the mischief that made Robert Pattinson was suspended from school? As many of you know, especially the fans of the actor, he is a lover of all animals, so the time can defend. As when I was in college and saw some snails alert:

"Everyone used to jump snails each other and I tried to save them. And not only got into trouble for this, but I was also suspended from school for doing so. To save the snails. How will be saved to be suspended?

Sure Robert had to go to blows with a partner to avoid further hurting the defenseless and slimy snails. Just why is forgiven.

Anyway, have you ever experienced anything like them? In any case, what is the mischief they have done in school that most remember? I tell them mine, which although was not discovered, if he had been suspended was over insurance:

In the English class when the teacher taught us some phrases about the traffic, we had to repeat "go straight ahead," something like saying "go straight" in Spanish. But I as I did not like the teacher, playing a bit with the sound of the pronunciation, repeating "go straight to hell", and my comrades who were nearby began to imitate what I said, and eventually many of us end up saying that and not what she said, causing her to bother you, but never knew who had been to the idea. It was funny, I think. Logically, it was an innocent wish.

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