Sunday, April 3, 2011

“Emma Watson is cool, calm and intelligent"

The title of this note does not think it's a novelty for many of you. At least for me it is not, because as I think, Emma Watson has all those qualities and many more. But this times not me who says it, Justify Fullbut the designer Alberta Ferretti, Who Emma has been working for some time in the green garment.

Countless times I've said I love Emma Watson and, therefore, writing about her makes me feel good. This time, I will not put anything she has said or is doing, but what the designer Alberta Ferretti thinks of the actress, who, incidentally, are only good things, as you might have imagined.

On how he met Emma Watson: “Emma and I have a long relationship dating back to that I dressed for the promotion of the first film of Harry Potter.

From there, we've been in touch, and I was surprised by his collaboration with 'People Tree'. I think she is a very serious girl, intelligent and extremely talented. For me, it was an obvious choice for this project because we share a deep sensitivity for environmental stewardship. "

Describe how Emma: “Emma is a young woman fresh, calm and intelligent has a sophisticated style. She is a young woman living life fully: She is dedicated to the professional, social participation and it is interesting and fresh. "

Do not think there is anyone that can say something bad about Emma Watson Now. The truth, I hope you always be so.

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