Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kelly Clarkson visits orphanage in South Africa

Kelly Clarkson tells us about his experience of going to visit an orphanage in South Africa House of Hope (Hope House), a center that cares for abused and neglected youth who have HIV.

Kelly returned home this weekend, he told his fans on Facebook all about his trip: "I just returned from Africa and it was fun," shares the singer. "I have to go to the Casa de la Esperanza and the children go to a mini safari with friends and family.

I love South Africa! I love the kids even more. "

Now many are wondering what is that of the House of Hope, here's the answer: "If you do not know, House of Hope is an orphanage in southern Africa, where I became involved just over a year, "Kelly continued writing.”In this house there are about 30 children at this time and have had a hard life but do not know because they are children with the best heart, laughs and smiles!".

Great to be involved in orphanage hopefully happen with other stars.

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