Saturday, April 23, 2011

High traffic pop star celebrated her freedom in suspenders!

Who has released here again the easy women? No, it’s the Christina Aguilera and has at least to the "hookers-chic" made ​​acceptable. Still a little dirrrttty and today we do with our time anyway to compress very much stressed Aguilera times two eyes.

After all, she is now officially divorced, and since we want to treat her to celebrate the day a couple of straps. Gracious, Most Gracious, the Pottschalk!

It does of course still some way off after puff mommy, but then these are probably the visual remnants of "Burlesque". Has anyone of you done the film actually plays? I have been a few times just about, but I was afraid to mess up the evening so that any larger. There lies, however, not only to Christina Aguilera, but the fact that with the "chanting" the spirit in movies just goes on...

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