Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kotzen & Scoring - As a child, totally broken!

It is indeed rare, but it made me really shocked at what Demi Lovato already went through child as. Yes who nevertheless make a difficult childhood in Hollywood, one might first moment to think in, but these are not really the usual "Bla - I had to be at 10.00 clocks at home."

In the show she told 20/20 that she suffered with bulimia for 8 years already and started with 11 years to destroy "cracks" themselves. One wonders but inevitably, as such a small creature already mentally may be broken so?

Demi Lovato suffers from Border Line Personality Disorder, and for this disease should be the parents purely flat "no accusation to make, since factors play a role different. Even science is at the causes and triggers are not 100% agree.

However, I find it very disturbing that it has apparently not yet. The Ritz-scars "by Demi, we have seen years ago on various photos and only a few months she has begin into rehab.

Have their parents over the years really noticed anything or maybe they were blinded by the Disney-paycheck "and have the best of a bad job done. One may of course not forget that Demi Lovato is not without reason, "actress" has become.

Finally, it is one of the symptoms that these people need a lot of confirmation from the outside because they have lost touch with themselves and can get off the ground, the great majority of them hatch in other roles. One feels no more and if the distress is particularly high, these people scratch to even feel anything.

On the other hand, one can also argue in exactly the opposite direction and argue that only by their profession so Lovato has become ill Demi. The stress, pressure and the outside always "Good to be on it, 'such mental Krankheitenbesto, t also favor.

Demi Lovato is certainly not the only Hollywood celebrity a borderline personality disorder suffers. But this one has exposed them to such a young age in this "shark industry," was for their personal development is not encouraged.

After all, Demi has sensibly decided her Disney series to turn its back, as they include in the "Good Morning America" show exclusively confirmed and a little "camera-free" time he will surely do very well...

PS The Pottschalk gesture has been totally in the ass and hope in the resurrection of health tomorrow, Saturday...

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