Saturday, April 23, 2011

Jennifer Aniston and Bradley Cooper both Just as a Friends

A few days ago I commented on a possible relationship between two characters who had been involved in the same way in the past. I mean Jennifer Aniston and Bradley Cooper, as could be assumed. However, these rumors that there might be a romance between them have collapsed.

What happens is that people close to the actor Bradley Cooper have come to say that he and the pretty actress Jennifer Aniston there is nothing more than a simple friendship, its latest appointments, or meetings, have been on issues closer to the workforce.

"They just have been looking for projects where they can work together. Bradley loves Jennifer, But only as friend“.

Jennifer I want the same way? I do not know or consider the source, but what it has been possible to find out, is what may have been the reason Cooper did not want to go a little further with Jennifer. The source noted that, to be together, "he became known as' Mr. Jennifer Aniston" that's something you do not like at all.

In short, do you believe could be a relationship between them?

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