Saturday, April 23, 2011

Police investigate death threats

The threats the life of teenager Rebecca Black have not stopped and now seem more serious than before. Is that the fact that the police begin to investigate, and gives a larger credit to messages received Black from people who claim to kill her if her song "Friday" is still playing on the internet.

I have never received any threat I mean serious, but I think it must be pretty scary. Especially it is as young as 13 years, as is now Rebecca Black.

She, who brought his video "Friday", has continued to receive threats death and the situation has reached such an extent that the police had already taken action on the matter to prevent them can be realized.

"In essence, threats were related to removing the music off the Internet or going to kill her ", said Police Sergeant Rick Martinez.”We can not validate how true are, but we are taking in the most serious."

The threats Rebecca Black has received lately, and that the police investigation, are two: One sent by e-mail and another that made him the telephone. I think we should be more tolerant, well, if we do not like Rebecca's song, just do not listen. That's sending threats I feel stupid and cowardly.

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