Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lady Gaga in the tear-Drama: So misunderstood, so sad - Caution camera!

Now the tears come again as a button or what? Sort of, because Lady Gaga invites us into her very personal world and it can be a camera crew to accompany it. They shed in a very intimate and not guaranteed asked "Make-moment" a few heartfelt tears.

Whether this was planned? Oh Pottschalk you always have to complain about something. This is exactly what Lady Gaga is so sad. It is unfortunately misunderstood by many and devalued. Luckily she has her fans to hold her and be her happened tight not make Judas. Oh Gaga, Gaga, gaga!

"Come pull even a bit stronger by the hair, they were just too few tears ..."

Life as an artist is really so very difficult! Even the Pottschalk is misunderstood by many people and has spilled here because of some comments already gallons tears. Unfortunately I do not that is the comforting cushion of dollar bills. Take it all onto the vile Mamom! Embarrassingly, I must confess that I have on Easter weekend in a particularly weak moment even "Judas" downloaded. Legal of course! 1.29 euros, but I was at the time not quite sober at a party and wanted to show just how "kaka" the new "Gaga" song sounds like. Yes logic a la Pottschalk! The next day, but I have just been crying, like Lady Gaga in this video here:

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