Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Britney Spears has become a megalomaniac? Will they rip off their fans? And who actually says that her concert tickets only available from 100 dollars? $ 100 in accordance with the current exchange rate 69 euros and for that you get not only Britney Spears, but still pretty hip as the opening act, the U.S. newcomer Nicki Minaji.

Two glaring at a price! Nevertheless, this is a lot of wood and the development of ticket prices has adopted in recent years has really gross dimensions.

Admission Madonna = 107 €! Okay, the old lady has been a couple of years more on his back and if you bet the longevity of a successful career with the ticket prices are related, then Rihanna and Lady Gaga also quite expensive.

If the cheapest ticket available only Britney Spears would be from 69 €, then I would honestly find a bit steep. But here one has simply picked out only the most extreme examples of concerts, where some of the cheap tickets were probably just sold out.

In "" Schalk has found the pot cards, you could buy from only 67, 79 or 84 dollars. Once a contingent is reached, the low prices do not appear more natural. How the quotas, the price ranges from Britney Spears to distribute I can not judge unfortunately.

Also, the course has seen numerous Pottschalk cards, which go from 200 to $ 400. I think that's totally wrong and even when told of my favorite Britney Spears Pointer prating in no way justified honest. For the money I would allow myself prefer a nice holiday!

Eventually, this price spiral inevitably go down, and until then I just pleasing to the songs. After their surprising Rihanna cooperation she has her current single "Till the World Ends" a real hot remix with Nick and Kesha Minjai Date of (currently running here on Britney Spears) and really rocks...

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