Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Osbournes, 2011 - How amazing has changed this family?

What an incredible family photo! The Osbournes in 2011 at the Tribeca Film Festival and if this 9 years ago before the nose would have kept his picture, then it would be guaranteed with a big "middle finger" has been punished.

Kelly Osbourne and her brother Jack have really changed in the most egregious. The Good Ozzy has remained still faithful and that's the only one on the picture, because you can see right away. Mama Sharon seems so busy with the hiragana against their age to work.

About Bottom blaspheme, but to put them under the knife. No, no that's dead wrong times Mrs. Osbourne. This time I found Share fully cool, but at some point I kind of went their provocative on the mind.

If we are dirtiest their interviews in recent years, it has not only 3 billion times the word "fucking" in the mouth (meaning "osbourne-moderate" would really have to understand ...), but very often their sex-talk. Oh please! The want to hear from real or not but? Something had to press the Pottschalk always both eyes, because something will be heard of "parents" not easy.

Thanks to their "Reality Show" are so cool to quasi-parental role models have mutated and how great it works in this role, you can count on the "drug Entzugen" and "hospital stays of Kelly and Jack Obsourne. Eventually and with great happiness of the two still become what, even if they now are for my tastes to adapt.

Well, the main thing "CLEAN" says the Pottschalk and if I run while already so deep in the past, can an original image from the 2002 course, is not missing.

Incidentally, the Osbournes at the Tribeca Film festival were not only present to himself but to promote the film "God bless Ozzy Osbourne". If you set the so familiar? Right, George Bush has the times in his previous tenure when he told Ozzy and Sharon for his own popularity at an official dinner has invited...

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