Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lady GaGa: It is "delayed" the charge of plagiarism Madonna

It often happens that inadequate celebrities use the words to express What They feel. Some of Such lapses cause laughter; But Others Could Be removes hurtful and offensive, like the used singer Lady GaGa, When Asked about allegations plagiarism to Madonna.

Sure You Have Heard all the song Lady GaGa "Born this way” and we know That Also Has Been Described by many as a plagiarism a theme Madonna Called "Express Yourself." Well, Apparently, Those Charges Have Not at all well fail to GaGa, understandably, pero given the response to this issue has not been the best.

In a Recent interview, touching the subject of plagiarism, Lady GaGa States: "I am a songwriter’ve Written a lot of music.

Why try to copy a song and think I'm doing in the eyes of everyone? That is delayed. “And it's just that last word Which Should pause for a moment. Is that According To Some People, use the qualifier “delayed "Is Completely out of place, because it not has tried to offend people with mental disability, is a clear insult to refer to it?

What do you think? I think it's an offensive term, pero Lady GaGa let him go Because It Was the First Word That Came up at That Time. It Might Have Been Better If He Thought some more and said "ridiculous" or Something similar, pero not “delayed. "

And actually, I did then, when to continue to Show Their Anger against Those Who Accuse plagiarism. "What a ridiculous thing completely even ask me about it ... If you put the songs one after the other, the only similarity you will find the progression of chords. It is the Same That Has Been in the disco in the last 50 years.

Just for the Fact That I'm the goddamn first artist in 25 years I Thought about putting it Into the Top 40 radio stations, Does Not Mean That I am a plagiarist It Means I'm fucking list. Forgiveness. "

Well, it is in you forgive or not to port and cunning GaGa .

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