Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jasmine V: "Jealous" - Video

Remember last week I showed you the behind the scenes of the video “Jealous "by Jasmine V? Well, now it's time to present the video of the official song of the beautiful Jasmine.

As you know, the theme of the video of Jasmine V, or Jasmine Villegas, deals with jealousy. Who has not ever been jealous in your life? The sense that there is none, throw the first stone.

I think it's one of the few times that I can feel safe to say that. Now I need someone responds he has not felt jealous and I'm going to have to go scrambling to find a helmet and wear it.

Anyway, before seeing the video of “Jealous "," why do not you remember the time I felt more jealous in their lives?

I tell them my experience that if it was not the time I felt more jealous, it was that he had no reason: A few years ago a girl I liked both, but did not. And one day, enough to stay away from her and just devote myself to watch it go completely enthralled, I decided to talk.

I got it. I came to know her name but a few days, I find kissing a guy. It was terrible. Not him again to talk, and mostly by jealousy, I suppose, but she was nothing of mine and never was, happily.

Now, I leave you with the video of Jasmine V, “Jealous.”

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