Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mariah Carey does not want more children

The talented singer, Mariah Carey, Is undergoing one of the moments that almost every woman wants to experience: The pregnancy but not one, but two babies that will soon be the main reason for happiness Mariah and her husband Nick Cannon. Although she does not want to repeat the experience.

I guess for many girls, being mothers is one of his dreams. Now I do not know if all are prepared to be, but yes, I think with the experience they are formed and mature enough to give them a good upbringing for their children, as well as parents.

Mariah Carey, For example, is a great singer who after leaving pregnant found not want to go through that experience, because she thinks her body will not stand it again. "It takes a stronger person than me," he said.

Not only is she going to be mother for the first time, but will give birth to a boy and a girl at the same time. This situation must be very pretty, but it requires hard work, care and effort on the part of mother As if carrying a baby enough, imagine two inside their bodies.

Y Mariah confirms this by saying that carry more than one baby in the belly "may be difficult" but "totally worth it." And it's true, once born; every effort will be rewarded by seeing his beautiful babies.

You girls what they think, would you like to be Moms and have more than one baby?

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